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RecoverToy specialises in repair and restoration of Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys, & Matchbox Toys.

These antique model toy cars are collectible and desirable items. I can enhance your collection with tyres(tires), spare parts, display boxes, and repair services. My on-line Store has die-cast toy parts and reproduction boxes for Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys & Matchbox Toys.

I also Buy and Sell Corgi Toys, Dinky Toys, Matchbox Toys and many other older childrens toys, books and comics.

Please note that this is a hobby site run by a hobbyist. I do work fulltime and only get Sundays to look at email and orders at the moment.

I hope you will find something of interest here.

cheers, Tony

How to value or sell Diecast Cars

"How much is my toy car worth?"

This is the one question that I get asked more often than any other.

Valuing diecast toys is one of the most subjective tasks you can undertake. Because most cars are damaged you need to assess how bad the damage is against how popular that model car might be.

Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi Toys made before 1970 are generally considered to be the most valuable. Pre-war Dinky toys, first-issue Matchbox Superfast, Gerry Anderson models, and the classic Corgi 267 Batmobile are all worth more when found in mint condition in their original boxes.

Reproduction boxes provide storage and give display value. Repaired models provide enjoyment where originals are too expensive.

In the past restored models held less value, but I think this will change in coming years. After all a restored 1:1 scale (real vehicles) is generally valued higher than an un-restored example; a high percentage of the original manufactured quantities of pre-1970 diecast are either damaged or destroyed; and there is simply a limited number of mint boxed items for an increasing market of collectors.

Collectors are increasingly turning to restored models to complete their collections.As a result your damaged models can still be worth something for restoration.

To value your items, start by taking some photos. If you know the models then make a list and email me the pictures and /or the list of your diecast toys. I'll try tp help with an estimate of their worth. Use the Contact Us form from the left menu.

RecoverToy News
Posted by : thowden on Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 07:35 PM
Having had some time to catch up on outstanding orders and making new boxes, I've suffered yet another slow down with the down-pour of rain on Wednesday flooding the office and requiring that I move out lots and lots and lots of stuff so that the carpet can be lifted and dried.

I estimate that it will be Monday before I can get back to work.
Posted by : thowden on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 09:50 PM
I have had customers orders that are repeating the previous order in the latest order. From what I can work out there appears to be an issue with my store being quite old software and the latest web browsers.

Internet Explorer appears to not clear the shopping cart after the checkout.

The easy fix for this is to go to the shopping cart and for each item that you do not want tick or check the little box on the left in the column headed 'Remove", and click on Update Cart in the lower left corner. This will remove the unwanted items.

I am working on an updated shop site at the moment and hope to finish by Christmas.

Posted by : thowden on Sunday, September 04, 2011 - 12:57 AM
Over the past three months I have had no end of trouble with printers.

The large format printing that I need for many of the reproduction boxes is not possible with a standard A4 size printer.

The large Epson 3000 was serviced and repaired three times without success and the smaller A4 Epson decided that it was time to quit.

I now have a much larger Epson 9000 printer in operation and although I am still learning how to use it I am getting some of the larger boxes printed.

I've also replaced the A4 printer and got a mid size A2 printer operating.

I will catch up on all the box orders over the next few week-ends.
Posted by : thowden on Monday, March 29, 2010 - 03:01 AM
Yes, we have finally fixed the error with the SSL Certificate that provides you with a secure and safe connection to the RecoverToy on-line store.

If it seems like months that because it was months. Hopefully now I can get on with actually doing toy cars and parts and not have to worry about why the website would not do what it should.

The on-line store is now ready to accept orders again.
Posted by : thowden on Saturday, March 20, 2010 - 09:22 PM
There's been an error generated on the computer system that runs the RecoverToy accounts access. In trying to fix one problem, a bigger issue has been created. This results in no access for accounts or orders.

The shop site is still visible and you can (I think) add items to a shopping cart but you cannot place an order.

I am working to fix this asap, but currently there is no ETA for a fix. Hopefully within a few days.

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For all of you that would like to look at the catalogue off-line or prefer to browse the listings, I have prepared some PDF Catalogues that you can download.

See the List of Catalogues for all the details.

RecoverToy Needs You!!
Well, I'd like to borrow your boxes at least.I am always looking for original boxes to copy for reproduction. If can help I do offer a reward.Can you help wiith any of these Matchbox boxes ?

  • 56a Trolley Bus : B style
  • Any Gift Set boxes
If you have any of these, please contact me using the contact form. Thanks!

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